Ontario Deputy Judges Association

Welcome to the Ontario Deputy Judges Association

Mission & Vision

The mission of the Ontario Deputy Judges Association is to represent those who hold appointments as Deputy Judges of Small Claims Courts in the Province of Ontario and maintain the high level of standards for the Deputy Judges of the Ontario Small Claims Court which we accomplish through advocacy, discussion and education.

Our vision is to ensure that Deputy Judges maintain the public trust of the people of Ontario in having qualified, independent and professional Judges determine their cases in an informed, expeditious and impartial manner.


The President of ODJA meets with the head of the Deputy Judges Council on a quarterly basis. We take this opportunity to raise any issues or concerns and keep the dialogue open.

ODJA lobbies on your behalf and has made applications through legal counsel on the subjects of remuneration and reappointment.

We also pursue other initiatives arising from feedback and concerns expressed by our members.

Respect & Recognition

Regular access to the Associate Chief Justice and Regional Senior Justices.

Establishment of Administrative Deputy Judges recognizing our ability to manage ourselves.

Inclusion of Deputy Judges among judiciary around the province at opening of courts ceremonies.

Access to the members-only section of our website for online discussions and materials, webinars and research assistance.